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Ian and Dave met in their teens and have been in several bands together. Their first band was a 'poptastic' covers band 'Topper'. Topper plied thier trade around the RAF camps and Disco's of the seventies. Their first foray into an originals band was with Gobblinz, this later transmuted into the Virgin Signed, seminal Mod band, The Name. The Name headlined at the original Marquee Club several times and toured this country extensively, before going pop.


Drummer Fozzy, has played with many local bands most notably Kissmet, including playing Glastonbury, and the The Contrast who have played south by south west festival in Austin and other gigs in New York.


Here is a little bit about the band members:


Dave Colton
David is a local legend. 
A Vocalist/bassist/guitarist, he has played with far too many bands to list (Oh, ok then, The Destructors, The Name, The One Eyed Cats...er...think thats it). A well regarded record producer and studio owner in the 80's.

Favourite music: Prefuse 73, Joni Mitchell, Gang Starr, Tribe Called Quest  

Ian Graham
Ian calls himself a 'Jack of all trades', though that is probably wishful thinking on his part. An artist, guitarist, brilliant comedian, and ex cricketing 'know all' to his friends, his decision to come out of self enforced musical exile shocked few but alarmed many. 

Favourite Guitarists:
Mick Ronson, Pete Townshend, Django Reinhardt, Jimmy Page, Andy Partridge, Zal Cleminson.

The youngest member of the band is the most talented. Keeping a 'three piece' together is an artform at which he excels. A band of dedicated 'disciples' and drum geeks come to our gigs just to hear him play, and to try and guess which of type of head he will be using!

Favourite Drummers:
Ringo Starr, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ian Paice, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Chad Smith.

Chris Goodwin
Chris is our regular special guest who adds harmonica and backing vocals to several songs.  Without Chris's tireless support and enthusiasm it is doubtful the band have got up and running so quickly.